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Phone: +420 494 590 268

The Josef Strnad tannery is, with its more than one hundred-year history, one of the oldest continuously functioning businesses of its type in the Czech Republic. In processing we use quality raw skin and also semi-finished material from selected suppliers from around the whole world. We process deerskin, goatskin, kid, and calfskin and imported lambskin. Among our long-standing and traditional clientele are glove manufacturers , but above all manufacturers of quality brand name clothing from all over Europe.

Our product range contains a wide variety of leather for gloves and clothing: lambskin, kid, goatskin and calfskin, chamois leather („jelenice“) from roe deer, red deer, fallow deer and mouflon, but also technical, musical, book and upholstery leather. Should the client have a special requirement, then it is not a problem either to produce specially for the customer and dye the leather according to their samples, make additional adjustments to the finished leather and of course, send it to the customer, including delivery abroad.

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