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Josef Strnad, spol. s r.o.
V řekách 222, 517 01 Solnice

Phone: +420 494 590 268

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About the tannery

What is leather

Leather is the layman’s term for leather material, which is the tanned skin, mainly of mammals, from which the hair is removed through tanning. The leather is used not only in the manufacture of clothing, but also for shoes, gloves, leather accessories, furniture and so on. We achieve an extensive range of types, kinds and character with the surface treatment and the processing of the leather. We also differentiate between hides according to the type of tanning. The tanning of the hide is a physical-chemical operation, during which the pelt (the raw skin with the hair removed) is transformed to leather. This is the most important part of the leather production.

Well tanned hide is resistant to humidity and water, resistant to higher temperatures than pelt, resistant to the effects of bacteria and enzymes, resistant to weak acids and alkali, has long-lasting flexibility, elasticity, firmness and the right feel.